Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 39th Monthiversary !!!

(taken by Qing @ Secret Recipe)
p/s: Thanks to Jiun for the awesome but funny idea of taking
this couple pic for the both of us in celebration of our monthiversary !!!
Finally, we managed to defeat the distance barrier, and there you go
~ the very 1st couple shot of the Pig & Fish together !!!

It's crazy how I missed you more every 20th on
the calendar, but through it all I know, at least there's
something in my life that I'll keep waiting & waiting for ...
I love you, darling & Happy 39th Monthiversary !!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Luck, Hubby !!!

That's little hubby wearing the jumper I bought
for him in Sunway from my last industrial visit to KL.
He's preparing for his exams tomorrow & am slacking
around here cus I've just finished hunting down my
final paper before going off for sem break today !!!
Good luck, dear & you'll do fine, don't worry !!!

Ahh... I've waited long enough for today !!!
There's lots & lotsa dramas and series awaiting me !!!
Moonlight Resonance & Greys' topping my lists !!! And am so
very happy that Grey's Season 5 is coming out next week !!! Well,
the same goes to Ugly Betty's Season 3 !!! And I still couldn't
believe that the line at my place is running at 1kb/s !!!
How can download movies like dis ?? It would take
yrs to finish 1 season lar !!! By that time, Greys
would become antique dy !!! Bah !!! Feel like
choking telekom for this !!!

p/s: Am updating at my cousin's place now, cuz right at this
moment, the line at my place is NO longer running at all !!! I cudn't sign
in Skype or MSN and I cudn't online now !!! Am feeling very very (x infinity)
pathetic, and I wished to choke telekom or streamyx or whoever lar
responsible for this more !!! And am afraid I couldn't see hubby
on our monthiversary come Saturday !!!
argh ... pengsan ...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Black Apple

Doesn't sound familiar? Hahaha 。。。
Cause it's NEW, new in town !!!
Introducing 'The Black Apple ~ ' !!!

A very "extra-miri-ordinary" cafe, it almost
looks a little mislocated when situating somewhere
near the busy Krokop Market, just next to the
ever famous ' Chicken Rice' !!!

I had to use the word 'extra-miri-ordinary',
cause I really couldn't find anything close to it
anymore !!! You'll get how I feel the minute you saw
that amazing place !!! And I thought I can only
recall the days at Padungan Street,
ever since !!!

Well from the cafe's outlook & interior design,
it's really impressive & outstanding. But I felt that the
spaces around the interior is less cosy, well unless if you're thr
for an afternoon tea or morning breaks or light supper, then that's
another story !!! Cause, when I was there yesterday afternoon
during lunch, I can hardly move around, the place was too
crowded !!! I guessed now at this period of time, the
population of Miri will either be in Secret Recipe
or here at 'The Black Apple' !!! The people are
seriously flooding these new places !!!

Gotta love this old vintage clock
at the corner of the wall !!!

Admiring the rest of the details
We weren't there for the foods, we're just too excited
to explore this new beautiful cafe in town !!! We
ordered for drinks only since we were still full
after eating out at before that.

Ning's Ribena Sprite
I ordered for 3 layers tea, it doesn't taste as
good as 鸿 's, am not sure about the others.

And yea, must owes remember yo take photo one,
whenever visitting a new shop !!! Can forget pay,
but cannot forget take photos ler !!!

Lik & Ning
I love this picture of 'em !!!

I really enjoy taking pictures for the both of them !!!
Cause no matter how they pose, they still
look so sweet together !!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


cause I don't wanna be the history of your beloved truth .
(taken @ The Black Apple, '08)

Friday, September 12, 2008

F.O.O.D.S - Put Me Through Exam Fever

Ahh。。。(gasping for air)
The mid-semester exams are really killing us.
I've been waking up to logics, crunching numbers,
sleeping with books, dreaming with maths for the
past few days of my life !!! I now declare that
I hate exams, I love assignments more !!!

I'll be having another accounting mid-sem
exam tomorrow morning as early as 8 & I've had
enough reading about databases and drawing flowcharts,
I am now going to blog about everything that I can't
live without during this very period of
my life - the exam period !!!

I labelled this the 'Armani Must-drink' !!!
Including their Mango Ice-blended, too !!!

my favourite cornflakes
Now you can't find this easily le, am not sure why.
It disappeared after I entered secondary school right
until few days ago, I found them at GK Supermarket, with a
somewhat expensive price !!! Thanks to dearest Ning, she
bought this back from her previous brunei trip !!! And I
swear I could finish that up in just 1 day !!!

my other favourite cornflakes - coco crunch
I wouldn't miss picnicking without it, too !!!

This is irresistible, I warn you !!!
I love love love the crusty danish layers in between !!!
The blueberry pie's nice as well. But I preferred this.

I only visit Blueberry Bakery for these !!!
They taste super nice when served cold !!!
And yea, that's hubby's hand. This was
taken long before he went Perth.

I'll get super happy everytime I manage to find
this in Ma Baker, cause it sells out very quickly
all the time !!! Eat it cold, the crab meat
and hotdog still tastes super juicy !!!

I heart the country loaf, soft & tasty !!!
Together with my favourite peanut butter
& grape spread ~ highly addictive !!!

I would never leave Pujut 7 without
these yummy-li-cious foods !!!

When I cudn't get out, I get them delivered instead !!!
People, don't call up for order, try online-ordering instead,
get a free regular pizza with a purchase of one !!!
Super worth-it !!! Check it out here.

Ah well, this is random 。。。
Mum bought this back as my 'lunch' this afternoon.
I guess she supposed I would eat the pearls like
I eat rice, I dun get what's on her mind !!!

If I ever leave Malaysia, I would drag along
2 huge luggage bags full of 'Maggi-s' !!!

Ahh, and nothing beats a welcoming
green tea ice-cream studying on a
hot hot afternoon !!!

Oh Yay !!! Secret Recipe just opened few days ago !!!
Went to try out with Mil & Al the other day !!!
(by skipping our finance analysis lecture buahaha。。。)

One of my close friend, Fang just got herself
employed at S.R. right now, right at this time, I
just received her sms !!! Am very happy for her !!!
Hope everything goes well for you on your 1st
day, darl !!! It'd be a long night, tho 。。。

News has it that Starbucks' coming soon !!!
Am sure lotsa Curtinians are going gigi-gaga about it !!!
Well, at least am sure one does ~ Melissa !!! I knew her through
my management class last year, and I din get to know her
better, but the very 1st time we talked, I remembered
her 1st word was 'I love Starbucks, like A LOT !!!"
She was kinda sad that Miri din have it that
time, it makes her miss KK more !!!

Ah then, for all the sugars & carbohidrat
I stuffed 'effortlessly' into my tummy, I need to
at least 'neutralized' everything with something, right?
Don't mind me, drinking tea makes me feel less guilty !!!

And finally 。。。
This is priceless
I'll never get through exams without you by my side !!!
He's not the 'foods' that put me thru exam fever btw,
he's an exception !!! Hahaha 。。。thanks dear !!!
Wish me luck tomorrow, dear all !!!

p/s: Prison Break is so not going to be the 'thing' that put me thru!!!
It's so damn irresistible, and too heart-throbing it made me forget
everything I've been trying to stuff into my brain for the past
few days !!! Argh。。。I can't wait for another episodes
for another 1 week !!! It would feel like
years, decades, centuries 。。。

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bertutu Lunch @ Batu Niah

Hiyay !!! I really shouldn't be here right nw !!!
But I felt so tensed staring at a bunch of logical functions,
revising for tomorrow's finance lab test !!! They all don't look
much logical to me, anyway. Why does it have to weigh so much?
It's a friggin' 30% out of my finals !!! I crossed my fingers I'd
make my life easier doing fine tomorrow 。。。

Came here to catch a breath.
Thought of posting something nice for all of you 。。。

Hahaha 。。。oh nono !!! Don't be shocked yet !!!
The fish hasn't still developed that enthusiasm for exercising !!!
It's merely just a picture, picture of Niah Cave !!! I din go thr for
hiking nor exploring, I was lured by 'bertutu fish', that's all !!!
Yewp !!! The ever-hungry fish went down to Batu Niah for a
'Bertutu' lunch with the family last Sunday !!! I miss the
'bertutu' there !!! It tastes very different from the one
we had at Berkenu or Sibuti, very different. I've got
pictures to prove it all !!! Read on

The restaurant, , beside Niah Inn where
we used to dine in for 'bertutu', the cook has
moved his business to his own house !!!

It was a pretty long story for the relocation.
They previously moved their business to Miri and became ,
somewhere downhill at Luak, travelling to and forth both places.
Until not long ago, they moved back to Niah and start their own
restaurant at their own house !!! And now it's called
” !!! Very special name, indeed !!!

The must-drink ~
I can't this anywhere else in Miri !!!

Mani @ Niah
I love this vege a lot !!! To cook it with soup is also
very nice, too !!! The best place to eat this dish, for me,
would be 好 味 somewhere near Pujut 5 or 6, the shoplots
behind a Chinese restaurant called 楼 外 楼 !!! It's a great
place for lunch & dinner, am sure a lot of my friends
feel the same too !!! I shall blog about it soon !!!

@ Niah
The prawns are very big, and very delicious !!!
If hubby were there with us, he'll owes be the one finishing
up the 'black legs', I duno wad it's called. But no one in the
family likes that part of the prawns, hehehe 。。。
Maybe we are just pure lazy !!!

@ Berkenu
Honestly 'prawn-wise', the one at berkenu tastes
even better !!! Niah's a little too sweet, but those at
Berkenu, they're just nice and very yummy, as what
we would like to call it in chinese - very 开 胃 !!!
I can do it juz with plain rice & be absolutely
satisfied with lunch !!!

Bertutu @ Niah
Perfectly stemed with oyster sauce and fried
onions !!! Great complements, indeed !!!

I duno if that takes up half a bottle of oyster sauce
but the more the better !!! Hahaha 。。。I love everything
that tastes salty !!! Just look at the meat of the fish !!!
It melts right at your mouth !!! You don't even
need to chew it !!! You just swallow !!!

Bertutu @ Berkenu
The one at berkenu is also very nice.
But the taste is not as strong as Niah's.
Still, your tongue'll be tamed by its meat,
which is already as soft as tohu !!!

I forgot to take note of the prices, but the 3 dishes
we had at Niah + a bowl of sweet corn soup (in portions of 3pax),
5 drinks and 3 plates of plain rice costed us around RM 160 plus.
Am much familiar with the prices @ Berkenu though, cuz we owes
had friends gathering there once in a while during holidays!!!
1 kilo of bertutu fish @ berkenu cost about RM 80 and
1 kilo of tiger prawns cost around RM 20 - 30.

So, hope it helps for those planning some food
trip for gatherings huh !!! I really hope to have my
next friends gathering there at Niah but obviously no
one's gonna drive up that far !!! Hahaha 。。。