Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greetings from The Little Fish !!!

Good-Day people !!! The Fish's in Aussie town !!!
Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so so very long !!!
I've just gotten my internet connection (dead expensive) last week,
and was super scared to spend it on blogging or surfing others' blogs !!!
Watching the bandwidth meter drops give me real-time heart attack !!!
But seriously, I miss hometown, I miss home-cook food, I miss hubby,
I miss all my family !!! That's why, when I first got connected, I
couldn't wait to 'skype' them !!! Hahaha ...

A Little Note
to all our families & friends:

Fish & Qing are doing very well here, we've got friends
who are really helping us out with settling down and so
forth !!! Thanks for all your blessings and care, they
really do mean a lot to us !!! Don't worry, we're
enjoying the pace here, loving the beaches &
taking lotsa pictures !!! Take good care
of yourself there yay !!!

Fish & Qing

The very next day we reached Perth, we were sent to join the
other JCUS Scholars for a really fun 3 days 2 nights camp @ Busselton.
Met lotsa nice, amazingly friendly Australians from the program and they
are really sporty !!! Am deeply in love with beach volleyball and cricket
now !!! And am starting to feel the love for sports under their
influence !!! Hahaha ... Yupe you heard The Fish !!!

Oh ya, thanks to the wonderful camp,
We even went all the way up to Yallingup - a world class
surfing spot, and was impressed by their super clear
beach !!! Me and Qing just couldn't get enough
of the beaches here !!!

We've really been to most of the places in Perth now,
the beaches here are awesomely beautiful !!!

We joined Lee Ling's sister church for a
Perth Tour last Saturday, too !!!

We went to many places like Cottesloe, Fremantle,
King's Park and East Perth !!! Took lotsa pics
& loving every single piece of them !!!

Me and Qing couldn't wait to go shopping around town when
we were sent back from the camp !!! Lotsa funny things happened when
we were at the City !!! The very first time we ride on the train, we missed
our destinations by 2 stops just because we didn't know we have to press the
button for the train door to open,we stood there in front of the door thinking
that it will opened automatically (cus we're used the the LRT/Monorail system in Malaysia
, and got panicky when it didn't !!! We kept jumping and our faces got
really worried, until an old lady told us to press the button, but it was
too late, the door openned and shut before we could even move our
legs !!! We end up waiting for another 15-30 mins at the bus stops
after we got down from the train to take another bus
back to where we intended to go !!! So silly right?

More bekcek thing happened after that,
the bus that we took didn't stop right in front of our hostel,
but it did pass through one of our main roads, so we actually plan to stop
the bus at some place nearer to our hostel (Erica Underwood House) so that we
wouldn't need to walk back so far. Who knows I was that bad for my sense of
direction, I stop the bus in front of Vickery House (another one of Curtin's theme hostel),
because I tot that it was our hostels, as it resembles the same structure ard
our residential area. Stupid me, we then need to walk for nearly 45 mins
back to our hostel, through Curtin University because this Vickery
House is at the other end of our hostel !!! If we had not been that
'smart' to stop the bus so fast !!! The bus would have stop at
some place nearer to our hostel, only about 5 mins
walk back to our place !!! Got funny ma ??

But, I always believe that good things happened after
bekcek thing !!! If we hadn't missed our stops on the train
and we hadn't been so foolish to stop our bus at the very wrong
place, we wouldn't find ourselves walking back to our hostels and
saw Wei Chen at Curtin University because she was attending her
sister - Wei Ning's graduation !!! OMG !!! We screamed so loud I
think the ppl over at the ceremony heard us !!! We hugged her
so tight, we nearly cried you know !!! Hahaha ...

That's only about what happened on the very first day
we were at town !!! Hahahah ... there's more to tell !!!
Stay tuned yay !!!

My flat & my room @ Erica Underwood House
The homiest hostel ever !!!

Guys, since I prolly wouldn't blog so often now,
I thought of a way to keep all of you entertained and updated !!!
Facebook is awesome, too bad I only realise now !!! Hahaha ...
I've uploaded all the pictures that we took at all the amazing
places that we have been through up on My Facebook !!!
Add me up, and keep in touch okay?

~ Cheers ~

Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 Years. 7 Months. 13 Days.

(taken by Jenabi '09)

It's our 3 years 7 months & 13 days together today.
I still cudn't forget the day you held my forth finger & asked
if I can be your girl. Maybe you'll never know, that's the day that
I've been counting on all my life. I love you, hubby.
More and more each day ...