Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Animated Love

Gonna love him so much

Well, it has certainly been a long year, & it's coming to an end very soon.
Finals are in 2 weeks time & revision papers are piling away.
I really hope I can get my head into studies real soon.
But, I hadn't been very attentive this semester
& am pretty worried about my acc subject.

Anyhow, I miss blogging very much.
I've got so much things to share with all of you,
but I guess am gonna have to put forth the plan til the end of Nov.
Til then, I've really got to start flipping through the books now.

~Wish me luck~
Here's a very beautiful song to end this entry.

Heard this from Yawen,
Hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do.

Good Night

Monday, October 15, 2007

Teatime @ Passion Corner

Taking a much-needed break from my Marketing assignment.
Everything's running tight & am not quite sure if I could make it on time.

Have been troubled with all these Pepsi's researches & case studies & preparation for a big-time marketing presentation as soon as school starts later next week. I really, deeply hope that I can settle with everything this Friday, but frankly, the hope's dim, pretty dim.

Sweetie hubby sensed that hormonal changes inside of me & before they all break out, he decided to take me off for a relaxing teatime @ Passion Corner.

Oh well seriously, that wasn't teatime at all !!!
We ordered a pot of mixed-fruit tea, steamboat, some salty chicken rice that came along with a complete set of appetizers, vege & some salads.

Don't worry, it's not the first time I sounded this desperate !!!
I actually have this hungry ghost's instinct I was born with that I couldn't really explained. But I found someone who has got that potential too - my hubby !!!

So, hubby brought along his lappy & we were webcam-ing with V.Ting over at Senadin. He just had his breakfast @ 快可利 earlier that morning.

We decided to share our teatime with him & he was seriously hungry watching us finished up our plates through the webcam - dun worry *cute cute*, we promised we'll bring you over for a treat soon !!!

Sensed our sincerity?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

That Braces Girl


“你看起来就像只肥肥的大老鼠, 把好吃的都往你那牙缝里塞去,现在连我的也都吃掉了!”
。。。 Ooopsie 。。。

习惯了戴着牙套的生活, 不知道会不会有一天舍不得没有它在身边。 四年了, 我依然是当年那一个戴着牙套的女孩。。。

Am the Toothless Fairy :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome to Fish.ili.cious !!!

Good-Day, my friends !!!
This is an official welcome to all of you who find me here @ my new aquarium.

It's a windy day, good time to pace up my researches so that I can really sit back & enjoy the Raya Break.

Ah... 'Pepsi Fever' is haunting me.
Hubby thought am going insane over that blue thing.

Enjoy Tuesday, everybody !!!