Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fish's Officially Employed !!!

# edited @ 29 Nov #
Yay !!! Am officially employed !!!
Starting work today as the KPMG Intern !!!
It just feels so great to be called an 'intern', it omos
makes KPMG sound like Seattle Grace all of a sudden !!!
Buahaha 。。。 dun mind me, I just couldn't get
enough of Greys these days !!!

I didn't expect to be employed in such a short notice at first,
esp. when I only started sending my resume around last friday !!!
Nope, in fact it went all too quick !!! I received the call confirming my
internship from Khim @ KPMG even before I got to send my resume to
the 2nd firm on the list !!! Yupe, KPMG is the 1st !!! It's omos like a dream
come true to work for an international company. Got to know about KPMG
few years ago when I was researching for some materials for my mngt
units. Forgot what it was for, but I remembered I was pretty
impressed with KPMG's role in coming up with it.
Plus, it's one of the big four !!! And that itself,
already sounds very glamorous !!!

And then, to add on to my excitement
about my dream, I got to know that dearest Yawen
got herself employed @ KPMG KL, too few months ago!!!
That really boosted me much to live up my dream !!!
I did ask her many things about the company & I
was thrilled that her response about 'em were
all so good !!! She totally enjoyed her time
there !!! It's omos like a signal to me,
to work hard & to get myself into
the company !!! Buahaha 。。。

On the very 1st day of my internship,
I wore this beautiful pair of heels to work.
I love them to bits, hubby too !!!
It was totally a love at first sight !!!
I never get to have a really nice pair of heels,
it's either too small to fit my giant feet,
or it was just too fugly big !!!

Ah well, the first day ain't too bad !!!
I was told a lot to expect from internship @ KPMG,
& am pretty excited about it !!! There'd be hell lotsa
travelling, learning, and having fun all along the way !!!
Am totally anticipating everything, and who ever
says accounting is boring??? Me myself, is
starting to change perception now.

But I got pretty exhausted on my very
first day too !!! Because KPMG is moving over the
weekend to Center Point - Phase 1. That means hell
lotsa packing and unpacking to be done !!! Sweat
a lot throughout the day, walked a lot up and
down the stairs too !!! Am so happy I lost
1 kg after a day of tedious work !!!

But too bad, I gained another 2 kg after dinner
with hubby @ Passion Corner after work !!! Bahhh 。。。

Thanks so much hubby for all of
your support throughout everything !!!
I love you, & will owes do !!!

p/s: guys, I might not be able to update so often now,
but I'll keep you entertain with updates on my little twitter
box yay !!! Do stay tuned, I've got many stories to tell !!!
Til' then, take care ya'll !!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Best Monthiversary Gift Ever !!!

Yupe, you heard the news ~ he's back !!!
Hubby made a surprise come-back on the 2oth, our 20th !!!
He totally took me by surprise when he walked up the staircase
to my frontdesk with a beautiful bouquet of red rose on his hand.
I screamed so loud I think my neighbours living few miles away
heard me clearly !!! Just then I realised, notty mama & papa
teamed up with hubby for the surprise !!! I am so overly
excited seeing hubby for the very 1st time after half
freaking year !!! Hahaha 。。。I love you, dear !!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too Young for Age Issue?

I was at the Imigration Office today, I had to do my passport. I am super excited I finally own a passport of my own & am more excited now 'cus frens, the fish here no longer need to worry about waiting at the customs and no more admiring at all the jumbo jap cuisine photos @ Escapade that I saw everywhere else but my blog !!! Okay anyway, that wasn't my point !!! Something happened while I was trying to get things done with my passport application.

Well, I was pretty lucky the queue this afternoon, it wasn't really long so am expecting to finish everything early and go hunt for some nice jeans. And after waiting for some time, it's my turn to get my application reviewed by one of the officers at the application counter. With all the excitement I've gathered through the many years waiting for this very moment, I walked up to the officer, broad smile on my face, and proudly passed him all my documents. Of all the preparation done, still there always ought to be something missing !!! And there comes, the highly unfavourable sentence 。。。

Officer : Girl, did you bring along the original copy of your offer letter?

Me : Oh no, everything but that. Can you just accept this photocopied one?

Officer : Not really, girl. We need approval from the head & we need the original.

Me : But then, it's all the way back home & down here again ... (argh)

Officer : Well without the original, the student rate won't apply.

Me : How much exactly, is the student rate?

Officer : RM 150.

Me :
And the normal rate?

Officer : RM 300

Me : Alright wait me !!!

It's a friggin' 50% off, okay !!! Talking about gals & discount !!!
I made a call back home to see if dad is coming down town & I was lucky he almost started on his car engine dy. He decided to fetch the original offer letter for me and send it over to the office. Thank god, he didn't scold me for the recklessness !!! I waited, and waited and waited under the heat of the scorching sun. I just wish I could get everything done and settled with soon, real soon.

Finally 30 minutes later, dad finally dropped by with the document & I quickly rushed back up to proceed with the rest of the procedures. The officer was nice enough to let me cut queue. He was keying in my data, when another least-anticipated scenario happened 。。。

Officer : Oh akai !!! Tak dapat, girl !!! Tak dapat !!!

Me :
Har what ?? Apa tak dapat ??

Officer :
Your age tak dapat dah !!! Dah 21 !!!

Me :
21 years old tak dapat apply passport??

Officer :
Bukan, 21 tak dapat use student rate, girl !!!

Me :
(pissed) What's the problem with me being 21? Am still a student right?

Officer : Yaya, masih student, tapi dah 21. Jadi, tak dapat.

Me : Huh ... where got this kind of condition one ??

Officer : Sayanglar girl !!! Jadi masih need to pay Rm 300 loh.

Me : U shud've told me earlier. Save me all the trouble fetching a piece of paper.

Officer : Hahaha ... Mana saya tau ?? Muka kau tak macam 21 pun !!!

Me : ... (thanks and no thanks)

Tell me honestly, should I be happy because someone told me I didn't look as old as 21 or bekchek because, in fact, am too old a student to get a student rate ???

osh you noe, the one true thing about government policies is that, there is never one 'reasonable' reason behind every laid-out terms. The only way to deal with all the frustrations is to accept them with an open heart !!! From now on, I'll have to start re-adjusting my perception that a 'student rate' does not apply with all 'students' - not when you are 21 and still a student.

Exactly where's the logic behind all these anyway ??

Sunday, November 9, 2008

60 Minutes to Doomsday

Him: Hey, what are you doing there?

Her: Am labelling all my snacks and chocolates 。。。

: Har? What? Why???

Her: So that they wouldn't end up in some others' stomaches !!!

: Wad's d big deal? It'd get into d stomach & becum shit anyway 。。。

Her: Well, at least that's my stomach & my shit !!!

Him: 。。。(speechless at his [pls input description] gf)

And you know, this is exactly what happen when you live in a house where everyone eats like no man's business !!! Wanna have a piece of my life? ('.')

Doomsday beginning in another 1 more hour. Am not procastinating, am studying really really hard, and inhaling lots & lotsa sugar to keep me awake & concentrating !!! I freaked out to even think about 'Accounting (External Reporting) 260 Finals Paper - Sem 2, 2008' !!! Rumour has it that it's the hardest accounting subject in the course & extremely, highly unpredictable. In fact, the students hate it that much, they even started a petition against it !!!

Pray hard, lovelies !

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sweetness of Him

他,笑 说:“我 你,你 我。”
道; 却 漫。难 说,恋
狂 。。。哈 哈!!!

Priscilla Ahn;
Sung-ha Jung.