Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Sing Love with A Song

地震的夜晚 赶来作伴
重感冒的凌晨 煮着稀饭
我感谢我们不完美 却坦白自然

我们从牵手放手 又牵手 走过来
愿意为更懂你的心 Spending all my life
每当情绪像海 你只抱我 从不催我讲出来
我就明白 你是我的依赖

我们从期待失落 又期待 走过来
愿意为一起看未来 Spending all my life
每当变成习惯 生活太淡 总有感动的意外

只借不送 我还是不肯还 用真爱耍赖

我们从日出日落 又日出 走过来
愿意为爱你去忙碌 Spending all my life
每当命运变幻 需要狂欢 需要流泪 你都在

我们明白 爱是互相依赖

I really love the MV & the song.
Saw it accidentally one time while I was out
singing with Yi Wen & friends @ Utopia. I never really keep up
with Jolin's latest songs, but this is one piece that I really like.
It would be really meaningful if a bride could sing this to her
husband-to-be on her wedding night & the bridegroom
could sing “你是我最深爱的女人” back for her.

You hear that??? Chieng Lee Hui !!!
Go practise you !!! Fast fast !!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All The Lil' Things You Left Behind

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

by The Knife

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1492 Days and Counting ♥

I couldn't tell how happy I was, waking up today with you by my side.
I couldn't tell how sweet it was, you holding my hands walking places I
used to walk alone. I couldn't tell how warm it was, you hugging me in every
cold cold winter days. I held my tears as I watched you walking into departure
hall this morning. Flashback of our memories, the good days that we spent
together, every lil' wonderful feelings that left untold come rushing from
the bottom of my heart, and at this very moment, I know, and I tell
myself, it's You. You'll be the one person, I'll ever give my heart to.

♥ sealed with love ♥
on our 1492 days together