Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fishy's Summer

Finally, Perth's back to Summer, exactly that
very season when I first arrived here in this totally
new city to me. And a whole year will soon come to an end,
im'ma experiencing Summer in a totally different mood now.
Perth is no longer a stranger, and am starting to realize that
I like winter more hahaha 。。。am literally a walking
steamed fish now, Perth is HOT HOT HOT !!! But
still, I can't wait to shop during BOXING DAY !!!

p/s: Happy 54th Monthiversary, my dearest hubby ♥

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pondering Thoughts of Future

I asked myself:“ Where will I stand 5 years from now?”
“ Who will I be if I chose to walk down this path?”

and then I realized, am just too afraid to make a change.
Life is not about toasting a coin & a set of multiple choice,
life itself is a change. I have to live a life ♥

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Keep Me In Your Prayer Tonight ♥

She's excited about her new job tomorrow ♥
Hope everything goes well =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bring Me Somewhere

(♥ pictures from Le Love)

I miss having you around, having you by my side.
I miss having you listening to me the whole time I grumble
at something or someone, even when you don't really have to.
(well, you probably know the consequences if you don't though)
I know I like to grumble at something that I couldn't change,
or rather, afraid to change. And I know it does sometime
gets on your nerve, but still you never leave me.

It's tired pretending to be someone whom you are not.
It's even more tired trying to explain yourself out of it.
If there ever were a reason for being lonesome when
friends are around, please tell me 。。。

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swimming in Her New Aquarium

♥ Welcome to Moi's New Nest

Into my new room 。。。

New target: To get a hat/cap hanger
I think am in love with accessories.

Don't really need a study table anymore,
those papers were only me writing to Transperth to
appeal for a withdrawal of my infringement notice. Don't
even get me started with the stories ... =.=

The same old You & Me on a rather different place now ♥
p/s: Mr. Bread had gone missing =(

My comfy floor bed - a different touch compared to the one before.
Dearest lappie on my luggage - prefer having it close to me =)

I have a pretty weird but good feeling about my new nest,
it is a home now, rather than a hostel. I remembered how I used
to correct my friends about sending me back 'flat', rather than
sending me home, as my previous one wasn't really a house.
Now that am living in a house, I guess I don't need to correct
anyone no more hehehe 。。。and also the many
beautiful things around the neighborhood ♥

The big purple tree on the walk way to bus stop.
Always giving me hope when I tot I was lost somewhere
back home; When I saw it, I just know, am close.

The beautiful L.O.V.E. cloud

And honestly, am waking up each day,
to more reasons to fall in love with my new nest ...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Onsdag ♥

Morning shift. Government House.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Memories ♥ Room 2

The clock is ticking 。。。

am saying goodbye to my 1st nest in Aussie in a few mins time.
I wonder how it's gonna be like, out there, a new place.
Would it be as lovely as my dearest Room 2?
Gosh, I think am in love with my nest.
Every little part of it 。。。

My long long long study table - never get to 'finish
using' all the areas of it btw, the little yellow light,
and the view outside my large windows.

I'll miss my 2 layers of book racks above me,
which I'll never be able to fill them up full with books.

The soft brown pin board with random pictures,
post it notes, reminders and Mrs. Bread !!!

My current desktop background on my lappie ♥

My cozy-comfy bed that puts me to sleep every night,
and lovely pictures of us hanging on the wall.

My very own wardrobe, first time of my life ♥

My Kikki.K Calendar & beautiful fashion postcards decor ♥

Moi's very own perfumes card collections - I know - bad habit ^.^
And Teruterubozu that make every rainy days more hopeful ♥

Of course, long, large mirror ♥

Thanks for all the loveliest memories in flat 6.
I'll be missing every part of it, dearly.

The Fish

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leaving the Nest

... for the first time of her life, she is moving house !!!
How cool ... & tiring is that =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

May Ladyluck Be With Me ♥

I am so excited now, I can't sleep !!!
I am going to sit for my FINAL paper in my entire uni life,
probably also the whole of my life as a student, tomorrow !!!
Nothing gets better than officially declaring myself as 'not a student
anymore' !!! I have so many plans in mind, so many places to go,
but still, let me get through tomorrow in one piece first, I was
too excited the whole time, I see nothing outta my revisions
the past few days haha 。。。 I wanna graduate & I will !!!
Wish me luck, wish me all the best !!! Most importantly,
wish that I wake up tomorrow !!! My exam is like
freaking early tomorrow @ 8.30 a.m. !!!
I don't remember the last time
I wake up at 10 a.m. -.-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Somewhere, A Beautiful Place

《很旅行的爱情》 by 袁咏琳

Falling deeply in love with this song from Cindy.
I can't stop watching its MV, too !!! It's so beautiful,
it takes me somewhere outta the stress of my studies.
I felt the eagerness to get lost somewhere now,
I wanna take off immediately & end up at
a beautiful place, a beautiful mind.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Used To Remember Him This Way

This is the 1st ever song I sent to him on MSN,
just because every time I listen to it, it reminds me of him.
Until now, am surprised at how the song has changed
the story between us. Hey, just wanna tell you
that I used to remember you this way.
Love you, lots.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends

What is so hard to accept? The truth.
What makes it so hard? The missing pieces.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moi ♥ Teruterubozu


p/s: Thanks to dearest ShuDuan for the handmade teruterubozu.
I really love it very much, and we'll keep each other company in every weather =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unpacked My Feelings

Love this new piece by 阿
It just simply describes how I feel right now &
the lyrics are what I find closest to my hardest feelings.

想念不能承認 偷偷擦去淚痕 冬天過了還是會很冷

雪白眼淚掉了 該出現的所有表情瞬間掉了
瞳孔沒有顏色 結了冰的長河 回憶是最可怕的敵人

故事情節掉了 主角對白掉了 該屬於劇中的對角戲也掉了
胸口沒有快樂 斷了翅的白鴿 不枯萎的藉口全掉了


Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Sing Love with A Song

地震的夜晚 赶来作伴
重感冒的凌晨 煮着稀饭
我感谢我们不完美 却坦白自然

我们从牵手放手 又牵手 走过来
愿意为更懂你的心 Spending all my life
每当情绪像海 你只抱我 从不催我讲出来
我就明白 你是我的依赖

我们从期待失落 又期待 走过来
愿意为一起看未来 Spending all my life
每当变成习惯 生活太淡 总有感动的意外

只借不送 我还是不肯还 用真爱耍赖

我们从日出日落 又日出 走过来
愿意为爱你去忙碌 Spending all my life
每当命运变幻 需要狂欢 需要流泪 你都在

我们明白 爱是互相依赖

I really love the MV & the song.
Saw it accidentally one time while I was out
singing with Yi Wen & friends @ Utopia. I never really keep up
with Jolin's latest songs, but this is one piece that I really like.
It would be really meaningful if a bride could sing this to her
husband-to-be on her wedding night & the bridegroom
could sing “你是我最深爱的女人” back for her.

You hear that??? Chieng Lee Hui !!!
Go practise you !!! Fast fast !!!