Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lunch @ New Seoul Korean Restaurant

Yay !!! Another korean restaurant landed in Miri !!!
Me & a couple of close friends went for lunch at this new
restaurant this afternoon, along Jalan Brighton heading up to
Tanjung !!! It supposedly replaced the previous Maru Hachi,
a Japanese Restaurant closed down last year, I love
their salmon sashimi a lot !!! Cus they serve the
biggest portion of sashimi around town !!!

p/s: The 1st Korean Restaurant is situated opposite Boulevard
Hypermarket !!! At the shophouses where Cafe is located. It's
on the upper floor of the shophouses, called ' ' by the way !!!

The interior
Anyway, the restaurant maintained much of Maru Hachi's
design, except what I just knew from Clinton, that his dad did
a little 'feng shui' scanning for the shop before the opening !!!
Poor Clinton waited for us at Ma Baker for nearly an hour
plus !!! Good luck for your driving test next week, yea
if you happened to drop by !!! Hehehe 。。。

Some of the few foods we ordered

Ah well, we din order anything from this page !!!
Hahaha... this is very random I know but we actually wanted
to order for that pork leg king at first, but we figured we can easily
have it at any other ordinary Chinese restaurants in town, so we
went for some other more 'korean' type of foods instead !!!

Jinro Soju
The Korean spirit kinda beverage, from what I heard.
It costs a freaking RM 30 per bottle !!!
I better eat the whole glass, as well !!!

Pork Layers waiting to be grilled

The waitress grilling the pork layers for us.
Enjoy-nyer !!! we only sit & watch, and
our tummy drooling !!!

Yay !!! It's done !!!
Nicely-grilled in golden yellow !!

It tastes superb with the sauces, too !!!
I should have also go for the Ox-tongue, too !!!
I tried it before at !!! I love the taste of the
Ox-tongue, well I only noe it's the tongue after I ate it
anyway, that saved me from freaking out !!!

Bibim Bap
The Korean fried rice !!! It tastes nice !!!

It looked like this before the ingredients
are being all mixed up together !!!

I love their KimChi !!!
Not too spicy, just nice really !!!
And, the 'ikan bilis' is very special, too !!!
It's crispy and sweet, am not sure how they
do it !!! But I love it very much !!! The side
dishes made the Bibim Bap tastes even
more delicious, wow !!!

Again, the waitress is grilling another type
of marinated pork layers for us !!!
This one smells really good !!!

Kinda 'over-grilled' in the end but it
still taste very good !!! Very juicy, indeed !!!
Tastes superb with the sauces from the
previous pork layers, as well !!!

This is the spicy version of the marinated pork layers !!!
Alastair said: Fast fast take the photo before I finish it all !!!

Aha !!! This has got to be my favourite !!!

It tastes super good !!!
A must-try if you pay a visit next time, yea !!!
Honestly, the choices here are not many compared to
They have much better choices there. But the food at this new
restaurant do tastes special, for me !!!

Wow, what a fruitful afternoon for all of us.
Tho we didn't get our stomach totally filled-up, but we're still
kinda satisfied !!! Considering that the whole table already totalled
up to an expense of around RM 200+ !!! Aiks !!! But above all, we
enjoyed a relaxing Saturday lunch with close frens around,
talking, chit-chatting, gossiping & stuffs !!! Good way
to spend the last few days of our short holiday !!!

Splendid Afternoon
I even caught a movie with Fang right after the lunch !!!
We watched 'Money Not Enough 2', very very touching !!!
Unexpectedly, both of us cried til like what in the cinema !!!
That was so very very paiseh leh !!! Aduhai, hahaha 。。。
But seriously, the storyline of the movie is really nice !!!
It totally reflects our society nowadays !!!

And after I came back from home,
I watched Lee Chong Wei's interview on AEC again.
Cried again !!! Dramatic or wad, me today?? But, listening
to his interview really make my heart felt sour !!! Don't worry,
Chong Wei !!! I had never give up upon you !!! Seriously, he has so
many positive attitudes towards being a dedicated home player !!!
If you missed the show tonight, dun worry !!! You can still catch
the replay sometime tomorrow or the day after !!! Btw, I even
stumble upon his very own blog just now !!! *Click*

Enjoy reading, my dearest friends !!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buffet Dinner @ Zest, Marriot

22 August 2008
Me & Ning have waited long enough for our buffet date !!!
And finally we went for it the other friday in celebration of our
tuition free week, finally !!! Hey Yay !!! Lik, Ning's bf came along
to join us too !!! It was fun talking to the both of them !!! Well, I'll
not let too many words overwhelm the entry this time !!!
Here you go, let the pictures tell the stories 。。。

Introducing the lovely couple
Lik & Ning

Somehow, I think they really look alike !!!
Honestly, they are the 2nd couple I know who didn't
make me look like a bulb being around them at all !!!
Well, the 1st one is Mil & Al !!! Hahaha 。。。

Our very first photo together, I can't believe it !!!
Give us 25 hours a day & I still don't think we have
enough time for our topics !!! Seriously, I wonder
if she's my twins !!! We think alike, totally !!!

I had a great night guys !!!
And I love love love this pic so very very much !!!
Hubby was excited for me too, cus he was glad that they
accompanied me for the buffet, eating luxury foods just to
sorta 'pretend' that I am celebrating for our monthiversary
even tho he isn't technically around !!! Well, that was not
the whole purpose of the buffet initially。。。

Anyway, the night was wonderful !!!
I couldn't believe that after so long, the wall
I built around me that separate myself from socialising,
and I finally met someone whom I dare to open up &
be-friend with, becoming soulmate somemore !!!
It's warm to know that they're there !!!

Read more here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy 38th Monthiversary !!!

(some lil' screenshots from the video I took for hubby yesterday)

It's wonderful to feel the leaps of our relationship growing,
to keep counting the days up, slowly from 0 to 1156 !!!
Man, I love you more & more each day !!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yuming & Jane

今天的心情有点极端, 但不是伤心。
有点纳闷, 但不是生气, 我的生活没有问题。
也许有点迷茫, 但我觉得我还看得见方向。
我只想就这样, 不用为我的情绪找理由。

爱上了他们的呐喊, 你听到了吗?
此时此刻, 我的心情就是这样的。。。

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Of Love and Friends

Thanks, Mr. Postman !!!

I received these lovely postcards from hubby the other day !!!
Ohh Finally !!! After 2 long long weeks of waiting & anticipation !!!
I was so very happy reading about his trip to Perth City & his school
life over thr !!! And also, how he got lost finding his way back home and
how he met a very helpful Hong Kong student who offered to send him
home in his car !!! Okay I take back my words for ever saying that
Hong Kong people are little bossy, hahaha 。。。Whoever he is,
I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart & yea
am so gonna change my mindset from now on !!!

It's been more than half month now since hubby left for
the exchange program at Perth. I can really feel our relationship
getting stronger and stronger each day as trust grows in between us.
I've become more independent now than ever, I come to appreciate his
presence more everyday & I've really been eating less !!! ahhahaha。。。
But seriously, am doing very good over here hubby !!! I've got a bunch of
lovely girlfrens everybody would die for !!! They are definitely the best
companions & they never fail to make me happy & touched !!! Like
how they offer to gimme their oasis accounts without asking more
so that me & hubby can get online more !!! Those are little little
things they did, but those things stay in my heart forever !!!
And also how they are getting more excited than me in
arranging for my braces-free celebration !!!

You girls rawks, seriously !!!

Also, my msn-kakis !!! esp. Woarn !!!
You guys never fail to cheer my days with
lots & lotsa gossips and stories !!! Am not
at all lonely!!! How can I be, right??
Kisses & hugs to all of you !!!

And Ning Ning !!! She's a soulmate !!!
I came to know more about her each time after
we talked over lunch !!! It's amazing how similar we
'were' before & we 'are' right now !!! And she's one
person who never fail to make me laugh, at
everything she thinks and says !!!

And not forgetting a special thank you note to
a lovely friend of mine ~ Yawen !!! We know each
other since secondary school, but we never really talk !!!
It's amazing hw our friendship developed thru the blogsphere !!!
Like I said, our bonds are 'magical' !!! This girl is super touching !!!
She even sent me a long email to make sure that am doing alright
with the temporary LDR !!! I gasped at the sweetness of this
lovely girl !!! The next thing I know, I've typed more than
500 words of email-reply to her, filled with lots & lotsa
"thank you's" and am sure she can vividly sense
my excitement and 'touchiness' !!!

Yawen & Rong in UK
Thanks, girl !!! All is warm !!!

# Thankiu list updated:
Lotsa thanks to sexy Larissa, cool ppl Ke Wei,
好人Wayson, funny John & his pretty girlfriend - Chui Mei
& lovely Yu San !!! Thanks alot, guys !!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Teddy by the Candle

Thr's a major electric outage in Miri a while ago.
The night was clear, the city merely lit by candle lights.
For a moment, I hope you're here with me, we could lay on
the roof of your car, we could count the stars together...
I couldn't study & I couldn't get myself into finishing
the piles of schoolworks, but I found some other
thing to do under this lovely candle lights...

Good Luck, Sis !!!

Sis was at school sitting for her 1st trial test this morning.
She left Mr. Snoppy studying for her at home...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love Mode

It was such an instant love
His every shot tells a story, beautifully & gracefully.
"The wedding gift box" ~ it's lovely, isn't it?

Ning Ning got me this very very nice
Cantonese song this morning, am falling
in love with its simple melody.

<< >>
by Janice

# Thankiu list updated:
I'd wish to extend my sincere gratitude to sapo Jiun,
lovely Qing, touchie Ning, bday girl Anne & pretty Amanda !!!
Thanks alot, girls !!! It's touchy & amazing what you guys've
done for me !!! I felt thoroughly blessed & it's warm !!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Happiest Moment...

。。。is when distance seems invisible ahead of us hahaha !!!
and I rili enjoyed his Engineering Law lecture very much too !!!
His lecture is full of laughters & funny slides ok !!! While am still
struggling very very hard to get my lecturers' slang right !!!

# News update:
Our loveliest Curtin just further reduced the student
bandwidth from 1GB to 200MB per month !!! There goes
7GB of bandwidth sia-sia sajalah we kumpul before this !!! Nvm,
never frown !!! For we have the best frens gang in the world, who nv
fail to come to our rescue !!! Thanks lots to Mil girl, dearie Chen, bestie
, 好人Yew and so many more from the hubby's side !!! To all my
dearest curtin frens in Miri, please cum to our bandwidth rescue !!!
Hahaha。。。 this is seriously a very 夸张 mission, I know !!!

p/s: Thank you lists are to be updated as I've not really made any formal
requests to all my other besties !!! Those above were the early-birds !!!
Thanks a lot guys !!! Man, how could I've thanked enough !!!
It's a tremendously happy day today !!!
Muaks !!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Officially Announcing

。。。she's no longer that braces girl !!!
Say buh-bye to my 5-year-old braces, muaks !!!