Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ruidi & Sandy Wedding Day

Indeed, a very special day to remember
for one of the most important people in my life.
She's Sandy. I used to call her Siew.
She got married today, to the
destined love of her life.
The beautiful bride
All Sandy's make up on her big day is handled by
her super pro sister ~ Xin Yii. Heard from Sandy that she
just graduated from the School of Make Up & she's
real good !!! Sandy's make up that day's superb !!!
The very happy father-in-law to be

The parents, both posing for
photo-shooting by Amy Studio.

The Sisters:

(from top right to bottom left:
Yi Zhen, Siau Jing, Siaw Wei & Li Fang)

And not forgetting, me ME me !!!

We all wore 'royal blue' dat day, cuz that's Sandy's favourite
colour. I got really lucky to get myself a dress in royal blue colour
just few days before her big day. Phew ~

We girls, waiting to 'torture' the bridegroom & his brothers !!!
Hehehe 。。。

Taken with one of my secondary school's senior - Siaw Wei.
We never interact with each other much before, but I still
remember she taught me dancing for school concert
before & she's a really friendly senior !!!

The bride & bridegroom
Loving the feel of this picture,
I can feel their happiness intensely.

Serving tea to the elderly 。。。
Lots of laughters & happiness 。。。
Fate drew them together, and trust builds them this far,
am sure they're both blessed in the hands of God.

Su Ee, my old friendly neighbour.
Miss having fun with you & Ing like before 。。。

At church:
Loving this piece.

The decorations inside the church.
@ Miri Gospel Chapel, Pujut Branch.

The lovely program book.

At night, during the wedding
dinner @ Imperial Hotel, 5th Floor:

Getting all set to go with hubby.

Meet with lotsa secondary school seniors and friends
at the Wedding Dinner, it's more like a friends get-together
after so so long !!! I even managed to talk to a few seniors
whom I never really interact with during school days,
everyone was busy that time, now we finally
managed to sit down and really talk &
get to know each other better !!!

Am also very impressed and touched by the little
video edited by Ruidi which shows every romantic
& also funny memories between the both of them !!!
Make me feel like getting hubby who was sitting
next to me that time, to propose to me and
get married right away !!! Hahaha ...

Got to take picture with Yi Zhen right after the dinner.
After all these years of friendship, this is my very 1st picture with
this beautiful lady !!! She's also Sandy's best friend & the head of Sisters
that day, she's the one who thought of all the naughty tricks
to 'torture' the brothers & the bridegroom this morning !!!

And not forgetting,
Jamiengie & her best friend ~ Wendy !!!
Din get to take picture with the bride & bridegroom,
but still am really happy to have attend their wedding
ceremony & to be part of it, helping out and so, it
feels great just to be 'the person' !!!

p/s: Feel free to take a look at their facebook or mywedding website
they created to know more about the newly weds yay !!!

Thanks Siew & wish both of you all the best and may the
both of you build a warm & happy family together.
God bless the both of you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

In Love with this Festive Season

Just back from reunion dinner @ Boulevard Restaurant.
Wearing the little red dress, I found love in it so much so quickly so deeply,
I pleaded hubby to let me buy it so so many times last few weeks !!!
It just feels wonderful to put on something you love ...

The girls of the extended family
(from left: Chia Jing, Joanne, Me, Chia Wee)

We looked like a married couple with a super-naughty kid.
Meet the youngest child of the extended family ~ Darren.

Meet my happy family !!!

My cutest daddy ...

and My cutest mummy !!!

Am taking picture with my new LG Renoir & blogging on my
bed now with my new laptop, life's never been this great before !!!
Am thinking of something existing, some new resolutions to kick start
the new year, tho it's late January now, am still feeling the vibe, I think I'll
find myself a very different fish in Year 2009 !!! First off, I shall really pay
the many blog debts I owed you guys !!! Am feeling so enthusiastic on
a midnight, 6 hours to break the dawn of a long-awaited festival !!!
Happy Chinese New Year, people !!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!