Saturday, September 11, 2010

she's in her holiday mood ♥

One more week and the fish's heading to Perth, yeahuuu ^^
I can't wait to take this break, I miss all of you in Perth !!!
Hope everything goes smoothly these few days &
I'll be able to travel worries-free !!!

Meantime, Company's having this Moon Cake festival get-together
steamboat + BBQ party on the 19th, though planning stuffs have & always
been my unfavourite part of the job, am still very much looking forward to the night !!!
Haven't really talk about my colleagues before, here's some recent photos of us in karaoke ~
It was a great night !!! I would really love another karaoke night again !!!
There's really no better colleagues in this whole wide world than these whom I have now,
they make gloomy audit days brighter, and quiet office much merrier =)
Here's Siaw Hui (who is leaving soon, but we'll definitely be missing your crazy moments =)),
and Tiong Yi ~ my neighbour + bestie in the office !!! She's a super nice fren &
will never fail to lend you that much needed helping hands whenever you
call out to her !!! Girl, you wouldn't know how grateful I am
to know you !!! She's like a snow white, isn't she =)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

with you, every day is a happy day

i love weekends, i love how we could both put aside
the world & be together every end of the week =)