Friday, November 30, 2007

The Season of Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. How I wish I could be walking down Orchard Road on the 25th of Dec !!! Celebrating Christmas in Malaysia always seems a lil’ less happening.

But, ever since I went to church, I found new meaning in celebrating this special day. The children at church made me realize that there are much more to just having fun and chilling out with friends on a Christmas Day. I often get double, or even more of the happiness that I couldn't get alone, from counting down the seconds to drooling beers down my throat. It's special, the feelings that I have, when they were around. I love those smiles on their faces, I love how they happily juggle around with their friends, guessing what's that wrapped under those colourful present papers.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mini Chocolate Loaf

del.ili.cious thing
I first got introduced to this lovely thing by Qing girl last semester.
I still remembered that it was her lunch that time and me & mil
nearly finished up the loaf in car on our way to school.
Poor girl, but it was really delicious & cute !!!

Ever since then, I got really addicted & I couldn't get my hands off 'em.
I have 'em for breakfast, lunch & dinner - sometimes, even tea breaks too !!!
Am actually quite capable of finishing 1 loaf in 30 minutes, all by myself.
I guess sooner or later, mum will have to blacklist it from my house.
Oh no 。。。

Well, it's just a normal loaf of bread actually.
But, it's smaller in size and appears cuter.
It has these really delicious chocolate chips melted in 'em.
Any yea, it's kinda like chipsmore.

I think it's called ‘Mini Chocolate Loaf’, cause that's like the only label
on the packet that sounds more like its name, instead of ‘Morni Bakery’.

I just bought another 4 loaves yesterday @
See, they make a perfect breakfast, don't they?
I have them with a glass of hot chocolate too !!!

MY GOD !!!
How can I not be fat like this ???

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Teatime @ Armani Cafe

I Saturday ~
Had a lovely afternoon tea at the newly-opened Armani Cafe. The setting was pretty peaceful and it was sort of a pure indulgence. Hubby ordered a nice soursop guava juice while I felt more like to warm myself up a lil' with the nicely-fragrant hot chocolate.

We talked about life & his part time job. It was a lovely conversation and I really love being around him, he always has his way of cheering me up. I had a miserable morning actually, am down with menstrual pain which I couldn't do without painkillers. Hubby managed to put me to sleep after the pills, but he was so cute he slept before I actually did. I should have taken the photos as proofs 。。。

Love is like swallowing hot chocolate
before it has cooled off.
It takes you by surprise at first,
but keeps you warm for a long time.

Friday, November 23, 2007

In 6 months time...

I'll no longer be
Yea, I couldn't get any happier than this, really

It would be exactly 4 years of my life as a braces girl,
and in early June next year, it will be removed once and for all !!!
I know it's still a long time to go, but am really excited to see the result.
It's nonetheless, 4 years of hard efforts put in with money & pain anyway.

But, I really do hope that things will speed up a lil',
and the removal surgery could be set earlier ~ like in May.
So that, perhaps it would make my 21th birthday more meaningful.

吗? 哦 !!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

885 Days

* Happy Monthsary, hubby *
And yea, am sure you've guessed it right !!!
It's the 20th ~ our very special time of the month.
As promised, we went to look around at the newly-opened “Coco's”.
Apparently, everything didn't turn out as pretty as we've imagined.

The foods were expensive & both me and hubby thought that it just
wasn't a place for “the two of us” on this very special day of the month.
It was more like a place for rich, young guys who do not know where else to
spend their money & desperately hoping to hook for hotties by showing
off how they play pool & talk beers.

Hubby ordered a Sex on the Beach of the Coco's.
We thought that the name was a poor rip-off by virtual of the last 3 words.
I don't drink alcohol.
So, the waitress suggested a quite-okay “Orange Zest”.

To tell the truth, by expecting too much from this treat at Coco's to be our
main-light of the night really had ruined our plan, not to say our mood.
I didn't really feel very comfortable with the settings.
Everything inside there looked rather exaggerated
to me, as in a small packed building.

I was still kinda regretting that I hadn't
visited “Slippery Senorita” at first.

But, the next visit to “Little China” definitely made up for everything !!!
It's another newly-opened steamboat restaurant, situated somewhere behind Siamese.

The restaurant was so filled with these “sugar-canes” decorations.
The idea was quite special & I really love the name “Little China”.
But, I would prefer the settings in “Passion Corner” better,
‘cause it feels more romantic there.

We ordered 2 different types of soups.

One thing I really like about “Little China” is that,
there are really lotsa choices to choose from & many of the dishes were new.
They even have this “dare you to try” list, with scary things like pig's brain.
Aiks, I thought that was disgusting.

We went for the mix-plate.
That costs around RM 22 - 25.

Trust me, it was worth it.
Everything inside there was fresh, including the seafood.

It looked small, but me & hubby couldn't really finish them.
Can you believe it? Well perhaps, it was due to the soups anyway.

Look, does it spell ?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hubby's New Toy from China

Last week, hubby's dad brought back this very cute pig head
that he bought when he was traveling with his clan at China.

也 !!!
This is a simply meaningful gift for hubby.
Am sure he was deeply touched when he got this from his dad.
He never knew that his dad would bought him something this special,
simple enough, but it symbolizes just him and his favourite colour !!!

Well, the simple gift might not be very expensive at China,
but the price of drawing that kiddie smile on hubby's face?