Monday, July 28, 2008

What A Day !!!

In deep love with this photo of us
I miss those funs we had, those laughters we shared.
I wonder how long it takes until they come back again.

On a totally random note,
I've been very very notty today !!! Hahaha 。。。
Only the 1st day of school, already got scolded by lecturer !!!
A so-not-lucky way to start off with a brand new sem, aiks !!!
Seriously, I couldn't help but keep laughing at myself !!!

But hey, I really really did learn the lesson yay !!!
I made a promise to myself that I will never ever try to, in any
stupid ways, 'mis-click' the internet explorer button & 'uncontrollably'
start gmail-ing, facebook-ing, blogspot-ing or even frenster-ing when
the lecturer is teaching at my back !!! My teeny-weeny heart almost
stopped beating for a few seconds, I thought he's so going to pinch
my ears in front of my fellow coursemates when he turned back
& so happen to see how excited I was testing the gtalk thing !!!
(well the earlier part of the lab session is rili making me sleepy anyway, he'd
just stare at me everytime I initiated any conversation with Mil girl or Vero
beside me. What to do? So I just quietly do some 'online research' lar !!!)

Man, you really should have seen this look on his face !!!
He was literally coming towards me like a fierce lion, the eyes
so big can swallow my heart dy lar !!! I could really read his next
move, it's either pinching my ear hard & twisting it somemore or more
straight-forward, giving me that hateful smack on the head !!! In my little
lil heart, I so hope that it'll be the 2nd one, tho frens noe how I hate ppl
smacking my head, I would really kill them if they do it !!! But you noe,
pinching the ears is so-primary school-student lar !!! But luckily,
he decided to not be 'primitive' at all !!! Hahaha 。。。 he just
held his temper, turned to the class, loudly announced the
very next class rule !!! There's no need for further
explaination, right? You noe wad class
rule he added anyway !!!

If he really pinch my ears,
I also duno how should I response to him anyway !!!
Giggle, cuz I think that's way to funny to punish a university
student? Or cry, cuz I couldn't find a hole to hide myself?
You tell me 。。。 hahaha 。。。

Hubby's response: "haha, serve you right !!!"
You wait lar, I'd so love to hear what happened on your
1st day in school !!! Hahaha 。。。am sure mine is
just a small case !!! Don't laugh you !!!

p/s: This post is of no offense to my dearest lecturer.
For your info, I find him a rather funny & cute person to be with !!!
It was just too verywrong for me to give him that really bad impression
of me myself in his very 1st class on the very 1st day of school !!!
Aiks !!! I should really work harder for this unit !!!
Let's hope he has 'short-term memory loss' !!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Extremely Happy Mode

It was really a very very happy day yesterday !!!
(stress that 'very very' word many many times)

Well, It all started with this lovely morning
call from hubby heading down to uni for his orientation,
hence we webcam-ed a lil' in between his breaks. Despite calling
each other quite a number of times in a day, I still miss him very much
cuz we couldn't webcam easily since he doesn't have connection at his place,
so he gathered almost 9 Oasis acc from his very good friends in Miri just to
top up his bandwidth, cuz each student in Perth's only allowed to access up
to 1 GB of bandwidth each month, which is so very little because, we
tested it, we actually used up more than 100 MB of the bandwidth
in less than an hour we webcam-ed & voice talk-ed !!! Anyway,
I totally enjoyed that few minutes of precious
moments spent with hubby !!!

Well, that was really not the happiest
part of the story yet !!! I din noe that I could be that
lucky yesterday until I found this babe of mine !!!

Ahh 。。。
I've been trying to look for it at the very same place
for more than 1 month now !!! I can remember vividly the
exact place they display it in Bell's Bookshop but I js couldn't find it
anymore when I returned for it !!! Oh, I meant the 'teddy bear
stitching' !!! I have been wanting to handmake one for hubby
before he left for Perth, but I only manage to find it now !!!
Aiks !!! But I have some other plans for lil' teddy I'll
tell all of ya some other day yay !!!

Btw, I found this very cute 'DIY Cake' set at !!!
I bought the cookies set !!! Intended to practise on them
before getting into the real thing yay !!! And also, am so very
excited !!! I bought another pressie paper to add on to my collections
again !!! I totally love this new one !!! I called it the 'Purple
Polkadots' !!! It's a very nice piece of transparent paper
which I bought at The Moments for RM 0.50 only !!!
It's a really happy day I told you !!!

Oh oh 。。。 not only that !!!
I even went all the way up to Saberkas to 'reload' my mag !!!
It's Friday, my friend !!! I had to do this at least once every month !!!
These lovely things keep me occupied for weeks !!! And am so happy
I got myself the June/July edition of Teen Vogue !!! Well, I guess
no one better noes how happy it is to get Teen Vogue than
Qing girl herself, right girl ?? I love every edition of
Teen Vogue, it's thin but it's worth every pages
of the nicely-sized book !!!

You notice that blue-striped collar tees
on my pillow?? Look familiar, some of you??
It's hubby's !!! A tip for every frens of mine who's
apart from the other half: Keep 1 or 2 pieces of his
tees !!! Well, it must be those which have his
smell or scent on 'em !!! It really does put
me to sleep easily at night !!!
Hahaha 。。。

Went grocery shopping, too !!!
Wanted to try out this really nice potato salad
recipe Jiun taught me the other day we were having
steamboat party at Ling's place !!! Ah, the green
apples not included tho !!! They're dad's !!!

Lihai or not??
I did all these within than an hour !!!
Happy shopping indeed !!!

And I did not even forget to treat myself Pete's
for tea-breaks !!! Ahh hubby, just to let you noe am
doing very fine here, and I do eat lots even when you're
not around !!! So, am hoping the same for you over there too !!!
You see, I really had to get myself 'strawberry milkshake' from
Pete's everytime I went there !!! It's a must !!! Honestly, no
one makes 'strawberry milkshake' better than Pete's !!!
I can literally bite the seeds eventho it's blended
ice-cream !!! Ahh I noe, that must be their
secret weapon huh? Hahaha 。。。

Good things just keep coming yay !!!
At night, mum brought back this lovely gift from Telekom !!!
Yea, it's Telekom, you didn't read me wrong !!! In my heart,
I was thinking "... yea, after all those 'good' things that
they've done..." (well, I meant literally, our struggle for a really
stable connection here in Miri !!! It takes forever to get there, really !!!)

They are giving out this brand-new home phone
to celebrate its 50th anniversary according to my mum !!!
Only 1 word that strikes me the moment mum handed me this
phone - yea, it's 'iTalk' !!! I wonder what good it has, hmm ...
me still figuring while reading through the manual,
I kinda do not understand how it functions lar !!!
Ahh 。。。nevermind !!! There's something
even better inside the box !!!

A voucher for free colonel burger @ KFC

My sis was like "it's so small bah what??"
Kenot think like this !!! You see, we should really
treasure everything that happens 'once in a blue moon' !!!
You noe how rare it is for Malaysian company to actually
give out something that is really free? And I mean,
really, truly, very free !!! That's very rare !!!

Well, my mum collected another 6 vouchers
from her colleagues today !!! So, I guess they
won't look very small now, would they??

On a side note, I've finished editting 2
new bloggies for my dearies - Tung & Chien !!!
Am so very honoured to welcome my 2 besties to the
blogspot-phere !!! Hope you two like it here !!!

Tung's: The Elephant's Girl
(why? cuz she's the only fren I noe who loves elephant
that much it's almost like how I love food, aiks !!!)

Blog design by betterinpink

Chien's: Secret Garden
(I just couldn't help but the skin reminds me so much about her !!!)

Blog design by Gisele Jaquenod

Wow !!! It's a very very happy day indeed !!!
Am still very excited even when am writing this one day after !!!
I hope my frens, you are enjoying yourselves whatever
you're doing right now !!! Rejoice, my dearies !!!

Mission 'Potato Salad'

It was way to salty, I put way too much salt !!!
But everything else, it tastes okay, but not as
good as my sifu's - jiun girl !!! Hahaha 。。。
Gambateh, try again next time yay !!!

You see, I even made sandwiches outta potato salad !!!
Hahaha, honestly 10 potatoes are way too much dy !!!
Am now still thinking how to settle off the rest !!!
Aiks !!! All the very best to me !!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

1901 Hotdog

Tried the 1901 Hotdog couple of weeks ago,
when I accompanied hubby to airport to check out something.
Was kinda surprised that they have an outlet here in Miri,
heard from frens that it was closed down very long ago.
I've never tried it before, so I was really looking
forward to taste it !!! Hahaha 。。。

I tired the 'Chicago Beef' & it costed me around RM 11 plus.
Kinda expensive though it comes along with a drink of your choice.
Well, it tastes not bad but I don't really like the heavy flavoring
& stuffs. The hotdog was very compact on the other hand.
Nah, I will go have a steak instead at that price !!!
Hehehe 。。。

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Please welcome my 1st ever Re-ment collectibles
Such lovely birthday pressie from the gurls !!!

Playing with it somehow awakes the girly side of me
& reminds me how pathetic it was to not have a childhood
with these Re-ment sets last time !!! Man, kids these days are
lucky !!! Climbing trees were the only funs I had last time.
Look at these cute miniature things, my trees look
too humungous to be even called 'toys' !!! Aiks !!!

I love muh gurls !!!
Muaks !!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kuching Trip - Day 3

It's been so long, I know !!!
And nope, nothing's been holding me back,
it was really just pure laziness, really ~ aiks !!!
So, here goes my 3rd day in Kuching late February
this year with my family & hubby, finally !!!

Remember I mentioned about this really nice porridge store,
which Uncle Robin wanted to introduce to us, but was not open
the other day? Well, me & hubby purposely went up here to
try it out ourselves the next day !!! Desperate what !!!

We were so very happy that it's openned !!!
Can't wait, that's why we simply parked the car,
and went down to try the pork porridge !!!

They introduced us this really nice drink
called “ ”, kinda weird but nice, well at least
for hubby !!! I totally can't take it at first but after
a few more sips, I started to like it, and
eventually love it so much !!!

The long-awaited pork porridge
Well actually hor, it's not as good as what I've expected really.
The one at 'Min Joo Kee' tastes a lot better. I guess we all
have different taste & of course, appetite as well !!!

Later in the morning, we went to have simple
tea break here at an old coffee shop famous for its laksa.

It tastes super delicious !!!
The prawn oh-so-very-fresh lar.

Right after tea-break,
we went shopping @ The Spring !!!
It's our first time there, felt so excited after hearing
much about it over the news as well as from friends !!!

Oh, there's Starbucks !!!
But anyway, coffee's 'not my cup of tea' !!!
So we went grocery shopping instead !!!

Spot this cute little tin of coke.
I love its bright red & its sporty design !!!
And of course, the petite size of its tin !!!

Chennie !!! I miss you so much !!!
Even in Kuching I think of you, got touched ma?
Aren't these little cabbages so cute ?? I so wanna buy
them back for you as souvenirs, but seriously, I
duno how to preserve them !!! Teach me !!!

The Food Court

Little Japanese Corner

No, I did not try it !!!
I regretted for choosing Kenny Rogers over
Manhattan Fish Market !!! That is one
very stupid mistake I made !!!

At a place so wrong for lunch !!!
I should've listenned to hubby when he
wanted to go to Sushi King instead !!! Argh...

Bolognese Spaghetti
The noodles didn't taste very good.
Halo's in Miri tastes far better, I swear !!!

Chicken Chop
The size of the chicken was really 'kesian' !!!
But, I admit that the mash potato is to die for.

Above all, I still love Kenny Rogers !!!
I couldn't possibly forget the satisfaction I had the
1st time I tried it in KL so many years back!!! How it gently
runs from my mouth through the throat, down my tummy !!!
I shall take it as a lack of quality control then. Hmm...

Went to Song Kheng Hai for our afternoon
tea break after much shoppings at The Spring.
A superb place for foods, indeed !!!

The famous 'Lim Kee's Cha Kueh'
It tastes kinda nice !!! Friends told us it's one
of the 'must-trys' at the food court !!!

Padungan Belachan Bee Hoon
This tastes really good !!! It's the very
1st time we tried eating belacan bee hoon with
all these kinda flavours, tho. Very special, indeed !!!
It's spicy, sour, sweet but not bitter at all !!!

It's indeed, an eating day all day long !!!
I especially heart this picture of us taken @ The Spring.
The pinkish sakuras made a very Japanese feel.
I absolutely love how everything turns out in the pic !!!
Argh, I kinda wish travelling with you again, hubby !!!
How are you doing over there? I love you !!!

To Be Continued 。。。

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's been 7 days...

I've learned to appreciate every seconds we've spent together,
every little moments when the world seems so silent around us,
everything pauses & the time pauses. I realised, that evening
sky the sunset before you left, it looked so beautiful because
I was lying on your shoulder & you were holding my hands.

It's amazing what love can do, isn't it?

# updated: there've been a little change of post title, cuz according to dearie woarn, 'since you've been gone' really doesn't sound right (damn, she is so right !!!) *slap myself*

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Poker Thoughts

No matter how distance separate us,
yet when we look up upon the same piece of sky,
we feel connected, somewhere in our hearts.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dearest Hubby,

May the 4 little guardian angels guide you all the way
I love you, hubby. And I miss you much.

It's a long road down ahead,
I still feel you holding my hands despite the distance.
I can feel the warmth, I can feel you inside of me,
and I know there is nothing left to be feared,
for we're in the hands of Almighty God.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Buffet Dinner @ Palm Terrace

Just realized I hadn't been food-hunting much these days.
Me & hubby were very much sticking with the old favs,
well perhaps it feels more comfy eating this way,
having just those we always liked.

It's a lazy afternoon, hence I
digged this out of my food folders !!!
~ TADA ~

Went for the buffet dinner sometime back in June,
before the semester finals I remembered, with some of
hubby's frens. It costs around RM 45, if I still get the figure
correct, plus a 10% discount if you're a boulevard
family card holder !!! It was a Pacific Rim
Buffet selection that evening !!!

Hubby & his friends
Vting brought his sister along, too !!!
She really looks a lot like him !!!

The superb noodle decor
Am deeply in love with it !!!

I must say,
the desserts they serve look very very tempting !!!
They did really good in their food presentation !!!
There's a lot of colours !!! All those beautifully-
decorated desserts were the first to catch
my eyes !!! See for yourself !!!

And then,
there was this sashimi boat !!!
They were literally challenging my tummy that evening !!!
I took as many raw salmons as I could, I mean how can
I miss out on one of my favourite things in the world?
I couldn't remember how much salmon sashimi I
ate that evening !!! It was too much, gosh !!!

And that green-coloured thing at the
bottom of the pic, it was the wasabi !!! They made it
look like a leaf !!! How cute & creative that is !!!

A mounthful of sushi
Yummy... Yummy...

There were different kinds of Japanese pickles, too !!!
Each one of those tastes really special !!!

Uuuhh ... I love ham

On our plates:
We went for so many rounds thereafter,
and were eating like hungry ghosts, gosh !!!
Especially hubby !!!

All 4 of us were giving up in the end,
but hubby's still not done with it yet !!!
I really really wanna drag myself forward for another
few more plates, but I wish God had spare me with
more rooms in my tummy !!! I felt like mine is
bursting out already, really bursting out !!!

So, I went for some 'tong sui' instead.
I really love their selections !!!
This is definitely my favourite
It taste real good !!! I couldn't have enough of them !!!

Erm... this tastes good, too.
Not really my type, though.

Aiks, everything is my favs that evening !!
Including this !!! My Be-loved Chococcino !!!
Haven't had it so a long long time now !!! But sadly,
I could only have room for one small cup of it
after so much that I have stuffed in !!!

My favourite band is playing that night, too !!!
They called themselves the 'Los Horizon Trio' & they were
very good performers !!! Knew them when they performed last
year for the Miri International Food Festival @ Marriot.
Took this video of them singing an English oldies ~
'Everything I do, I do it for you'.

They have really good voice, don't they?
I know hubby looked very funny in the video !!!
He was too busy with his foods to even rest &
listen to our favourite live band !!!

You know, this particular Philipinos band,
they can really sing in many languages !!!
This was a video of them singing one of these
ever popular Lee Hom's singles.
~ Enjoy ~

I just love their songs !!!
They did performed 'My Heart', too that evening !!!
And it was really amazing how their voice blends so well
with the feel of the song !!! Oh, I can go on whole day with
this band thing !!! Overall, the buffet was okay, not to say
very delicious but their wide variety of food selection
wins any buffet restaurant that I've been to.

At that price & selections, all I could say
is that, it's worth every penny you spent !!!
But not too harsh on the taste, yay?
Good Day !!!