Monday, March 30, 2009

Missing A Piece of Me

Sometimes I hope am not here alone,
so I can feel the Autumn with you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She Sees Through Her Reflection

I looked into the mirror, closely,
feeling amazed at how much I've grown up to
becoming who I am now.

Maybe I've been longing for growing up too much I miss cuddling this
sweet child in me. I miss being myself, I miss forgetting about
the world, and I miss everything I couldn't possibly have
with me now. But maybe I just need one thing
to keep me going, and that's you.

Random things I did in Perth:

Yewp !!! 'Shop til' I DROP !!!'
So true !!! Will I ever grow sick of shopping here ???
The answer: NO !!! Buahahaha ...

Found Java Juice better than Boost !!!

Got addicted posing in Curtin's toilet !!!

See 。。。
But this is not the whole point of this pic,
I love my new long-sleeve from Myer !!!

I wan ICY-ICE again @ Northbridge !!!
Miss my 芒果冰 near open-air in Miri. Where are thou' ??

Harbour Town is heave on earth !!!

Vote for your favourite sculpture @ Cottlesloe Beach !!!
Too bad, I inherited Dory's memory problem, I forgot which
one is actually my favourite, so pathetic !!!

Fremantle is L.O.V.E. !!!
Discover lots more new places @ Fremantle.
In love with this vintage bookshop.

My very cute flatmate ~ Shu Duan.
She's going Melbourne for Easter !!!
Argh... envy envy !!!

And, IKEA never learnt the lesson !!!
Buahahaha... I got purple !!!

I love Safcol's Frozen Mild Chilli Prawn !!!
Owes save my bad kitchen days !!!

My very failed 吹蛋 & very successful 番薯粥 !!!
Hehehehe 。。。

Another success ~ 猪骨花生汤 !!!

I love my hubby !!!!
I love my winter coat !!! Thanks !!! Muaks !!!

Its getting cooler & cooler each day, am waiting for Autumn ...
They say it's the prettiest season of the four.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photoshoot @ Perth City (2)

Managed to get the rest of the
shots from Fiona girl the other day.

Here are some of my favs:
(It's almost all tho, cz Jess's uber-cool with her skills !!!)

And am so happy I finally got myself a Portfolio !!!
See... am loving it very very much !!!

Well, not only me larh !!!
Qing, Fiona & Jess all got themselves very nice ones too !!!

All these beautiful pictures taken by
Jessica Blaise Voon

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sunday, March 15, 2009

And They Say Autumn's Near ...

Am loving the weather today,
it doesn't feel like 37 degrees at all.

Well, I should rethink about trusting weather report here in Perth.
I brought my umbrella to school the other day, and it didn't rain at all.
Bahh 。。。 I love my new umbrella !!! It's black & it's automatic !!!
Felt totally random today, trying hard to get myself into study
and revision for coming exams but failed a few times. Am
thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight, but there's
no vege/meat left in the fridge, I think I'll just have
porridge for dinner today. Buahaha 。。。

Saw this beautiful dance on cable tv the other day,
fell in love instantly with its choreograph & how it was
gracefully performed by the 2 dancers on stage.

Contemporary Dance
by B.J. & Gianne

Nowadays, 'So You Think You Can Dance - Australia'
has become the regular Sunday/Monday entertainment
on cable tv for flat 6 !!! I felt guilty that I was never addicted
to the show before !!! I should have !!! Hahaha 。。。