Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too Much Cakes, Am Overdosed

The past few days of my life have
been too much about sugar & cakes 。。。

I found my favourite cake @ Secret Recipe !!!
Thanks to Fang for the recommendation !!!

And few mins ago, I just finished eating the most
wonderful Carrot Cake in the whole wide world !!!
(okay, I was exaggerating but it was really that good !!! no jokes !!!)

Homemade by my aunt !!! She is really good in everything !!!
From sewing to baking, and super nice !!! She's always
my saviour when it comes to birthday planning
and she's my personal baking tutor !!!

Bought home a piece of 'Fruit Gateau'
from The Chatterbox, Mega Hotel that day !!!
It was really nice, too !!! Very refreshing but too bad,
I din get to snap, I'll make sure I do next time around yay !!!
Am sure all these sudden sugar addictions were for some really
good reason !!! They work so well soothing my pressure !!!
Gonna need 'em tru finals til mid of November now !!!
Good luck and all the best, my frens !!!

Til then,
take care ya'll.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Resigning; Just On Leave

And the caption says it all !!!

I miss blogging, I miss having a life here, seriously !!!
But currently, am trying to keep both eyes on revision,
until my last lab test on Friday, then am off to some really
tantalizing dinner with Ning @ Annie's, and perhaps
another one @ Bavaria next week !!! Right after
which am gonna start burying myself under
piles of revision papers, and get myself
all prepared for finals again !!!

If you're lucky enough, I might steal some time
off next week around & fill you up with some finger-licking
good foods randomly picked from the fish's food folder !!!
(which apparently hasn't been really active for a very long time now !!!)

And nope, I hadn't been procrastinating all week
round now, and am damn proud of myself. Am doing good
with the 'study & reward' plan am up to, tho it looks very much
like am spoon-feeding myself to study !!! So now, am getting equal
dosage of the Gossip Girl, Prison Break, House, Greys, Ugly Betty,
and bla bla bla every week in the intervals of my revision !!!
How nice !!! I spent 15 'boring' minutes revising, and 45
'exciting' minutes injecting myself with another
episodes of bla bla bla every day !!!
Life can be good, ain't it true?

p/s: Just finished watching the latest episode of Prison Break,
Heroes and Gossip Girl. Maybe Heroes ain't that bad after all, I think I
can accept the extend of supernatural power they have (I used to think that
they are over-rated & it lacks the 'forbidden love' sorta element am looking for)
I think Hiro Nakamura is extremely cute !!! He totally made my day !!!
Am loving this 'rewarding myself' system !!! It really works !!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 40th Monthiversary !!!

(taken way back last semester @ Sweet Garden)

A toast to the 40th & coming !!!
I love you, hubby !!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Current Mood: Busy, Very Busy

Currently listening:

Carly Rae Jepsen 《Tug of War》
(direct download link provided by Mr. B)

Yes, the little fish has been down with
lotsa exams and 1 huge assignment which gets
more than 6 heads bursting mad this afternoon !!!
She'll promise an update as soon as she murder
each and every single left of her brain cells !!!
Wish her lucks, people !!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Of Roswell & Twilight

I guess I do ve a very good reason from missing in action, dun I?
Thanks to Qing and Aeron for bringing back this part of my childhood
memories !!! I cudn't recall the last time I watched 'Roswell' on Star Movie
but I surely do remember how excited I was everytime I did !!! Well,
that pretty much explained why I used only 3 days to finish up
the complete 3 seasons !!! OMG !!! And I actually slept at
6.30 a.m. watching the 1st season !!!

It's really nice, tho it's little old now, ppl say I should be
watching 'Gossip Girl' instead of 'Roswell' !!! But, you really have
to understand the chemical of the story, you just get, I duno ...
somewhat addicted ?? I really hope there's another season
tho I have no idea what's left to show then ... hehehe ...

And you noe wad's the best part about everything?
It's that it doubles my appetite for 'Twilight',
which is coming up end of this year !!!

Maybe it was Sarah McLachlan & her ever famous song ~ Fear
or me being hooked on this alien-human romantic love story, I duno...
I just hope that tomorrow's December already !!!

Credits to Qing, for introducing me to this wonderful movie !!!
Am dearly anticpating it right now !!! You can read all about 'Twilight'
from this fangirl ~ Qing, who is somewhat obssessed about it, and
even sent me a summary of the book through email, which I
haven't even read it until now !!! Am so very sure she
can tell you the whole story backwards !!!

Am officially announcing that ~
Am awaiting 'Twilight' !!!

p/s: Am wearing this really nice, green dress I borrowed from Qing to
attend my cousin's wedding last friday !!! Thanks a lot, Qing !!! If it wasn't for her,
I'd have gone through really rough time finding myself something to replace the
little black dress I supposedly wanted to wear !!! Thanks to Mum for the last minute
grumbles on my choice of colour to a wedding !!! Typcical Chinese, huh?
Pfft ... notice the colour of muh hair? Yewp, I finally dyed it !!! Yay !!!
I'll blog about it someday, after I got all the stuffs from Qing !!!